December 19, 2014


Boat, Tackle and Equipment

 Big game angling pushes boats, motors, electronics, rods, reels, and tackle to the limit. And professionals know that in this extreme sport you can never settle for second best.

Rods, reels and equipment

Whether targeting giant tuna, swordfish or marlin, professionals know their equipment has to perform beyond all expectations. Every single component –  rods, reels, line, leaders, swivels, hooks –  everything has to be the best. At the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company, we exclusively use Shimano reels, which include a wide assortment of Tiagra, Torsa, and Stella reels. These high-performance reels are widely regarded by world-famous tournament pros as the best.

 For “deep dropping,” or fishing for some of the more exotic species located in vast depths, clients might get the opportunity to fish with some of the world’s most sophisticated electric reels.

Some of our state-of-the-art electric models include: the Krystal 655XL, that holds more than 3,000 feet of 300-pound test lime; the Tannacom Bull 1,000; and 3,000 power-assisted electric reels.

One of the secrets to finding huge fish in deep water is being able to observe the environs they live in. Just behind the helm is a vast array of electronics that include two Raymarine E-120 display units, digital radar, and chart plotters.

On this pair of seventeen-inch monitors, we can clearly identify wrecks, reefs, and bottom contours. Thanks to incredible clarity, we can find schools of fish and baitfish moving through the waters.

Other necessary communication and safety devices include two Raymarine VHF radios, EPURB, and a state-of-the-art sound system, custom designed by JL Marine Audio. Twenty speakers are configured in a 180-degree pattern, with power amplifiers and an eclectic selection of music to suit any taste.

A dream boat
Since my first trips out of Venice and Port Eads, I’ve learned that all offshore fishing boats have specific strengths and weaknesses. And as mariners have done for centuries, I dreamed of a perfect boat – one that had every feature to suit my needs and desires.

Because my business demands trips to remote regions of the Gulf, I need speed, durability, power, and a design that utilizes every inch of space. It has to have ample storage compartments, oversized fish boxes, and multiple aerated live bait wells with water exchange systems. I also need a state-of-the-art electronic and communication systems.

When I established the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company, I set out to do things that had never been done on the Gulf Coast. To cover the waters off of four states, I knew my boat would have to be something special.

I discovered my dream machine when ESPN2’s Jose Wejebe, host of The Spanish Fly, came to Venice, Louisiana to film a series of episodes on our world-class fishery. Wejebe, one of the best known fishing personalities in the world, arrived with a film crew and a boat unlike anything I’d ever seen.

From the moment I climbed aboard Wejebe’s 34-foot SeaVee with triple 300-hp outboards, I knew that this was it. I was immediately impressed with the impeccable design and the attention the craft’s designers had given to every detail. There was a large tackle station, three live bait wells, a hardtop, and room for 42 rods.

I’d heard mention of them, but not many people owned SeaVees at that time. The ride and handling blew me away. The boat was so stable, I didn’t have to read every wave and make constant adjustments, which gave me more time to focus on fishing. It’s a semi-custom boat that can be built to any specification. Wejebe’s had 900 horsepower and could cruise fuel-efficiently at more than 40 knots. I knew this was the boat that would enable me to cover my region. When I found out the SeaVee had a range of nearly 700 miles, the deal was done.

After the crew of The Spanish Fly wrapped up their three episodes, I contacted the manufacturer. I learned they were preparing to unveil their latest model – a 39-foot beauty, created for the most discriminating, hardcore anglers who demand the ultimate in quality and performance. I found out the new 39-footers could accommodate up to four 300-hp outboards, and that sealed the deal.
I bought my dream boat.