December 19, 2014


Because we cover a region that stretches across four of the five Gulf States, the possibilities with the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company are virtually endless. We go where the fish are. But with so many species in so many areas, deciding what to do can be a challenge. It’s not necessarily a bad problem, but an interesting dilemma we often face when planning excursions.

In this section, I’ll try to give you an idea of the unlimited possibilities we enjoy in our world-class fishery. The prolific waters of the Gulf of Mexico are what lure anglers to fish with us initially. But it’s our staff of professionals who keep them coming back. As a client, you’re our top priority, and we work relentlessly to provide you with the trip of a lifetime. This VIP treatment might begin months before we hit the water. From our initial conversation, we listen carefully to you in order to set up the blue-water adventure that best suits you. Some guests, particularly return clients, already know what species they want to target and where. But the majority of folks we meet usually need direction. We’ll make suggestions and give options depending on the time of year, the migratory patterns of fish, and the weather conditions.

Of course catching fish is a top priority and rarely a problem. But we also know that we’re in the entertainment business and it’s just as important for our clients to enjoy themselves. Our people are what make this all possible. We select every employee based on their experience, knowledge of the Gulf regions, and unique talents. All of our captains are personable, courteous, and eager to help and inform. I believe this is one of the main reasons we have become one of the most popular charter operations on the Gulf Coast.

Now let’s get to the fishing and the areas we fish. Many find it hard to believe that we cover an area from south of Pensacola, Florida. to south of Cocodrie, Louisiana. This includes parts of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, as far out as 100 miles offshore. So just how do we do it? We have extremely nice boats that are very fast and comfortable. Depending on the adventure we create for you, we’ll depart from one of three marinas: The Isle of Capri Casino Harbor in Biloxi, Mississippi; Shaggy’s Marina in Pass Christian, Mississippi; or Venice Marina, in the heart of the lower Mississippi Delta in Venice, Louisiana.

Our state-of-the-art boats allow us to run almost anywhere in the region mentioned. This gives us huge advantages. Consider this: Each year in every Gulf State there are “runs” of various species as they migrate to the east or west. For instance, anglers in Florida look forward to the fall run of white marlin or pompano in the spring. Meanwhile, cobia or lemonfish enthusiasts in Mississippi and Alabama mark their calendars and plan vacations around this event. In the late winter and early spring, armadas of boats from Louisiana head to the Midnight Lump for intense battles with monster tuna.

Because the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company knows no boundaries, we can take clients to all of these much-anticipated events.

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